K.M. Malak & Co Ltd

Chartered Accountant Director: Kamal M Malak B.Com, FCA, MCMI


K.M.Malak & Co Ltd

Chartered accountant


K.M.Malak & Co Ltd chartered accountant is a small practice started by Mr Kamal M Malak. Mr Malak qualified with Hays Allan, a medium sized chartered accountancy practice in City of London and worked for KPMG, Xerox Corporation, Texas Instruments Inc and other large and small organisations.


He started his practice in Piccadilly Circus in 1987 and later in Edgware. He has all round financial, commercial, technical and tax experience suitable especially for small and medium sized businesses. Industry expertise includes: retail businesses, property, construction, record labels, restaurant, hotel, import/export and financial services.


All worked carried out professionally with tax efficiency built in. Personal attention and prompt service at reasonable charges.


The initial meeting upto an hour, at a short notice, is free and without any obligation whether at your offices/home or at our place.



Tel: 020 8952 1924

Mobile: 07984 688 321

Email: kamalmmalak@onetel.com or kamal@kmmalakandco.co.uk

Website: www.kmmalakandco.co.uk


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